Ballet Philippines Fitness Program


The Ballet Philippines Fitness Program is a series of low-impact exercises based on classical ballet technique is geared towards building strength and shaping muscles while improving coordination and developing musicality.

Classes are offered in the following branches:

BPDS-SM Aura Premier


BPDS-Victoria Sports


Active Stretch

Active Stretch develops strength and endurance through highly intensive stretching exercises. This body shaping, toning, and strengthening program is based on classical ballet, yoga, mat Pilates and gyrotonics. The class uses resistance bands to take the stretch further.

Attire: fitted top, dance pants


Adult Ballet

Ballet Zero

Learn ballet basics with this foundation class, safe for total beginners. Go back to basics for perfect posture, a stronger center, and increased flexibility with this complete classical ballet class.

Attire: leotard, tights, ballet shoes


Ballet 1

Build on the basics with this technique class, perfect for experienced adult dancers.

Attire: leotard, tights, ballet shoes


Ballet 2

Level up your technique with a class that combines skills learned from Ballet Zero, and Ballet 1.

Attire: leotard, tights, ballet shoes


Ballet Workout

Get a dancer’s grace and physique with exercises that are made to tone, lengthen, and strengthen the muscles. Develop body awareness and improve posture by building abdominal, back, and inner thigh strength. Exercises are made for beginners, focusing on strengthening the core and lengthening the muscles with a set of alternating exercises done on the floor and in the center. Classical ballet elements such as port de bras with resistance bands, and simple leg exercises with passes, degagés, rond de jambes and piques, are also incorporated into the workout.

Attire: fitted top, dance pants


Ballet Barre Workout

Strength-train your way to a svelte figure and have a more toned dancer-like physique! Taking from the fundamentals and principles of the beautiful art form that is Classical Ballet, you will leave this class feeling a wonderful sense of elegance and poise while also getting a great workout. Small isolated movements with lots of reps to burn calories and sculpt muscles make you tone your body as dancers do.
Attire: Light fabric clothes, tight-fitting top and bottom or ballet leotard and tights. Hair is pulled back and off of the face, socks or ballet shoes.

Ballet Conditioning 

Strengthen, lengthen, and work on the muscle strength and alignment needed for the physical and technical demands of a classical ballet class. Improve coordination while strengthening the core, toning and lengthening the legs, developing a strong back with graceful arms, and lifting and shaping the buttocks, with exercises geared towards developing specific muscles in the way dancers would train. Non-dancers will be able to benefit from this workout, as it is also a very good class for cross training for other practices, disciplines and sports.
Attire: Fitted top, dance pants



Beginners' Class

This course is fully supportive and suitable to people with little or no dance experience. From simple steps to fully formed routines, this class teaches core strength and coordination of arms, feet and head in simple technical exercises. There are also strengthening and stretching exercises, centering, floor work and travelling steps that transform your posture and balance, and improve your fitness.

Attire: Light fabric clothes, comfortable clothing in which you can easily move. Leotard is optional. Hair is pulled back and off of the face. Class is taken barefoot. 


Advanced Class

Deepen your understanding of the foundations and traditions of contemporary dance and improve your full-body fluidity and movement understanding in a fun yet challenging environment. Intermediate and advanced level dance students are taught more comprehensive floor work, contractions, spirals, elemental concepts of space and time, leaps, jumps, turns, and varying rhythms and tempos, developing technical proficiency and artistic expression.

Attire: Light fabric clothes, comfortable clothing in which you can easily move. Leotard is optional. Hair is pulled back and off of the face. Class is taken barefoot. 


Leave the stress behind with this calming, body strengthening, and soul nurturing practice. Our Vinyasa yoga classes involve sequences that are easygoing and flow continuously. The movements stem from the core, and are synchronized and guided with deep breath. Beginners and long-time practitioners are welcome and will benefit from our classes. You will become stronger and more relaxed with regular practice.

Attire: fitted top, dance pants