Courses Offered

Classical Ballet

Classical ballet is a dance form that teaches grace, precision, and expression - a tradition that the CCPDS has passed on through its syllabus that incorporates the Philippine National Ballet Syllabus to generations of dance students. Classical ballet encourages freedom of expression, builds confidence and self-discipline, and develops a sense of individuality, which would grow into an appreciation for the arts.

Baby Ballet (ages 4 and 5)
Pre-Beginners I (ages 6 and 7)
Pre-Beginners II (ages 8-10)
Phil. Ballet Syllabus-I (ages 11-13)
Phil. Ballet Syllabus-II (ages 12-14 with dance background)
Classical Ballet-I
Classical Ballet-II
Classical Ballet-III
Intermediate Ballet
Advanced Ballet


Modern Ballet and Contemporary Dance

Modern dance explores dance movements beyond the set boundaries of classical ballet, incorporating influences from day-to-day movements, folk dances, martial arts and other sports, as well as contemporary/popular dance. Modern serves as a laboratory for emerging dancers and choreographers, allowing the discovery of new artists in dance.

Elementary Modern
Intermediate Contemporary


Lyrical Hip Hop

Keeping in tune with the latest in popular dance, CCPDS classes include those from the field of Hip Hop. Students can learn smooth moves to the tune of RnB and more energetic and hard-hitting moves to Pop and Hip Hop music. It’s all about showing some attitude on the dance floor and having fun.

Hip Hop Kids (ages 8-12)
Hip Hop Teens (ages 13 and up)