Classical Ballet

Play Dance (ages 2-4)
This fun class not only develops your child’s motor skills with toddler-friendly dance exercises, but also provides them an opportunity to learn how to interact with others, how to be independent, and how to think creatively.
Baby Ballet (ages 4-5)
Baby Ballet introduces children to the world of ballet with music and creative movement. Children learn basic principles of ballet in classes structured in a playful and stimulating environment that include theatrics and technique.
Pre-Beginners I (ages 6-7) and II (ages 8-10)
Pre-Beginners Ballet introduces students to the basic structure of ballet class: simple barre work and center exercises. A progression from Baby Ballet, the Pre-Beginners class focus on activities designed to prepare students for serious training.
Level I (ages 11-13) and II (ages 12-14, 2-3 years training)
The Philippine Ballet Syllabus was developed by Felicitas Radaic (with co-authors Vella Damian and Noordin Jumalon) to encompass the teaching of classical ballet suited to the physique of the Filipino child. This syllabus is designed to hone students’ knowledge and appreciation for ballet.
Level III (13 & up, 5-6 years training), and IV (1-2 years on pointe)
The next step to elementary technical level, Classical Ballet increases the technical demands of the dancer. Classes are geared to challenge and develop students’ strength, agility, flexibility, and artistry, honing the next generation of performers.
Level V (13 & up, 3-5 years on pointe)
Students continue to test their technical skills in preparation for professional company work. Dancers develop an understanding of corps de ballet work while increasing the level of individual technical skill and artistry.
Adult Elementary Ballet (15 & up, less than 2 years training)
Perfect for those interested in taking dance for fitness and recreation, or for the experienced adult dancer who wants to continue or return to serious training, classes retain the demands and focus on technical details of ballet. 

Modern & Contemporary Dance

Children’s Contemporary and Creative Movement (ages 9-13, Level I)
Characterized by free movement and creative expression, CCCM creates an avenue for dancers to physically interpret music and emotions through improvisation, master spatial awareness and foster group camaraderie.    
Basic Modern (Level II-IV, AEB)
Students get acquainted with modern dance, with classes characterized by free movement and creative expression. 
Elementary Modern & Contemporary (Level IV-V, ages 15 & up)
Laying the foundations of modern and contemporary dance, the class explores movements beyond the set boundaries of classical ballet. 
Intermediate Contemporary (Level V)
The class hones emerging dancers and choreographers, further developing modern and contemporary technique, using a fusion of the Graham Style of modern dance, and Agnes Locsin’s Neo-ethnic modern style.


Hip Hop

Hip Hop Kids (ages 7-12)
Hip Hop Kids is a fun, and energetic class where students learn about hip hop culture, focusing on dance and mixing the hip hop dance styles in choreography. 
Hip Hop Teens (ages 13 & up)
Keep up with the latest in popular dance, while showing some attitude on the dance floor! Students learn smooth moves to RnB music, and more energetic and hard-hitting moves to Pop and Hip Hop tunes. 
The Ballet Philippines Fitness Program is a series of low-impact exercises based on classical ballet technique is geared towards building strength and shaping muscles while improving coordination and developing musicality.