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Ballet Philippines Dance School


Step 1:
Check the schedule and fees. Contact the BPDS Registrar through Viber at (0977) 046-2144 or email us at [email protected]  to schedule your ONE (1) FREE TRIAL. (Free Trial is applied upon enrollment and payment of monthly or trimestral tuition fees). The director and/or teacher will assign your final class level.

Step 2:
Fill up this


Step 3:
Fill up this


Step 4:
Settle your fees

Please make checks payable to BALLET PHILIPPINES FOUNDATION INC.

For online payments, please upload your payment confirmation to this


Our bank account details are on this form too.


1. No refund policy.
2. Make up classes are only allowed for the following situations:
  a. Illness
  b. death in the family
c. calamity
  - Going on a scheduled vacation is not included in these exemptions
3. Trimestral and monthly tuition fees cover the whole term or month of classes, rehearsals and other curricular activities
4. Annual and Trimestral Fees: 50% downpayment at the beginning of the term; 50% full payment midway through the term
5. All monthly fees must be settled within the first week of the the month. Each month consists of 4 weeks.

Step 5:
Come to class in uniform:
Girls must be in pink tights, pink ballet shoes and a leotard in the proper class color:
     ​Kinder Dance: Pink
     ​Pre-Ballet 1: Light Blue
     ​Pre-Ballet 2: Lilac
     ​CB 1, 2 and 3: Dark Blue/Navy Blue
     ​Intermediate and Advanced: Black

Boys must be in a fitted white shirt, black tights and black or white ballet shoes

Long hair must be in a neat bun. Bangs and short hair must be in a headband and must not cover the face.

Adult Ballet may wear any color of tights, leotards and ballet shoes or comfortable activewear. 

BP Dance School-CCP
(Viber) (0977) 046-2144
[email protected]

Studio One
Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex Beside Folk Arts Theater Pasay City

BP Dance School-SM Aura Premier
(Viber) (0977) 046-2144
[email protected]
Level 6, SM Aura Premier
McKinley Parkway,
Taguig City, Metro Manila, Ph