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Clarise Miranda, The Comeback

Ballet Philippines’ dancer, Clarise Miranda talks about humble beginnings and making a comeback amidst adversity. Hers is a story that inspires determination, gratitude, and grace, even at times when all seems uncertain.

Clarise's humble-somewhat amusing-beginning in ballet may have been more due to circumstance rather than preference. However, through challenges and uncertainty, Clarise emerges a determined, grateful and inspired dancer.

She candidly shares how she got started in ballet through her parents' unwavering support, her mentors, and of what she has learned in this pandemic. As Clarise makes her comeback to the stage, she rises up to show the world how each day is a chance to conquer failure and uncertainty. Each day as a ballerina, she is presented with a new day to show the world what she's got.

Produced by: Ballet Philippines

Featuring: ​Clarise Miranda