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Ballet Philippines’ Core Dancers Share Their Journey Through the Diyosa Universe

Ballet Philippines Core dancers Gia Gequinto, Danielle Kleiner, and Jemima Reyes talk about the behind-the-scenes production of Carlo Calma’s DIYOSA. Set in the mythical world of gods and goddesses, Calma’s new libretto is a contemporary take on traditional Philippine myths. Gequinto, who plays the Goddess of Fire, says that Ballet Philippines Artistic Director Misha Martynyuk advised the company to break free from their classical ballet training, as a way to find a new rhythm for his contemporary choreography. The result is a distinctive dance production that has pushed the company dancers to learn a new skill that will make the production very different from the others performed this season.

Danielle Kleiner, who plays the Goddess of Air and Wind, talks about the challenges of bringing the show to life. “What I learned most about dancing in DIYOSA is to be patient,” she says with a smile. “In the end, everything weaved through and came into place.” She also speaks about the production’s message about climate change, which will be a unique experience for audiences. “I think viewers of DIYOSA can interpret it in a different way,” she shares. Gequinto adds: “It calls upon the viewers to make a stand [against] climate change.”

Jemima Reyes, who plays the lead, Lakanda, says people can look forward to having a great time at the theatre, and that they should be prepared to watch, think, listen and be amazed by the artwork on stage.

Carlo Calma’s DIYOSA promises to be a spectacle, featuring visually appealing sets (which include Calma’s intricately designed apparatuses), uniquely synchronized choreography, and modern music. Watch as our dancers share their individual experiences and their takeaways by watching the video below.

Produced by: Ballet Philippines

Featuring: ​​Gia Gequinto, Danielle Kleiner, and Jemima Reyes