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Ballet Philippines’ core dancer, Julafer Fegarido, was once a hip hop dancer. Unexpectedly, he fell in love with ballet and soon found himself leaping and dancing into a dream.

Julafer Fegarido started out as a scholar and part of a dance troupe. He first fell in love with hip hop. The Ballet Philippines dancer never imagined that he would one day be performing ballet on the grand stage. Julafer recalls that when he first watched a ballet performance at the CCP, he was amazed, inspired, and immediately drawn to the performance art form. Today, he is fully dedicated to ballet, working tirelessly to hone his craft. The life he’s built since embracing ballet has also brought him countless opportunities, among them travel and cherished friendships with fellow dancers. Here, a tale of an artist dancing to a dream.

Produced by: Ballet Philippines

Featuring: ​​Julafer Fegarido