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A Life of Dance: Olivia Bugayong and Carlo Padoga

Ballet Philippines’ Olivia Bugayong and Carlo Padoga danced to the tune of hope and shared their most inspiring stories in GMA’s Brigada.

Before getting into ballet, Carlo Padoga was already performing at school. He’d dance within the four walls of the classroom and find ways to help his family once the school day was over. He passionately pursued dance as something he truly wanted to do and was determined to make it work despite the circumstances.

Olivia Bugayong, on the other hand, dreamed of being a ballerina since the age of two. It was a dream that she held onto even in the midst of immense physical injury. Theirs are the stories of perseverance, hard work, dedication, and above all, hope. In Brigada’s episode, aptly called, DANCE OF HOPE, Ballet Philippines’ dancers share how their love for dance empowered them to soar.

*Ballet Philippines would like to acknowledge and thank GMA’s Brigada and it’s producers for allowing us to use this video.

Featuring: ​Olivia Bugayong and Carlo Padoga