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VERONICA ATIENZA: Back in the Studio, Ready for the Grand Stage

Ballet Philippines’ guest artist, Veronica Atienza finds the joy in dance

Veronica Atienza has all the makings of a ballet legend. She began lessons at age four and went into formal training under Effie Nañas at age 13. The ballerina is no stranger to local and international stages and has trained one-on-one with many world-class instructors. If there’s one thing she knows, it’s that her passion for dance eternally burns.

The onset of the pandemic only made her miss and appreciate her craft more. Nowadays, the moments in graceful motion just feel sweeter. She loves being back in a studio filled with individuals just as passionate as she is, and hopes to fearlessly dance on stage once again; not only to showcase her talent but also to experience a rush that’s unlike anything in the world.

Produced by: Ballet Philippines

Featuring: ​Veronica Atienza