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54TH Season Shows

Schedules and Ticketing


December ​15-17, 2023

Ballet Philippines presents a stunning holiday performance, CHRISTMAS FAIRYTALES, featuring timeless beloved characters like Ali Baba, Cinderella, Odile, the Black Swan from Swan Lake, and Princess Aurora better known as Sleeping Beauty.

Little Tala embarks on a magical journey to fix fairy tales and restore happiness, guided by the Master of Time.

Act One unfolds with adventures of Ali Baba and the Thieves and Cinderella.

In Act Two, Tala encounters Sleeping Beauty and the Nutcracker, overcoming many challenges and earning the love and gratitude of these characters in a performance that will keep the audience on their toes, awaiting who Tala will encounter next and what mischief she'll make right again.

The performance, set to beautiful, enchanting music, runs from December 15 to 17 at The Theatre at Solaire.