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Born in Voronezh.
In 2008, she graduated with honors from the Moscow Ballet School at the Moscow State Academic Theatre of Dance "Gzhel" (teacher Natalia Kuzmina) and was accepted into the troupe of the State Academic Theatre of Classical Ballet under the direction of N. Kasatkina and V. Vasilyov. Shee rehearsed under the direction of People's Artist of the USSR Nadezhda Pavlova. In 2011 she was elevated to the rank of leading soloist - the highest rank in the troupe.

- Winner of the international competition of ballet "Grand Prix In Siberia" 2014 – 1 prize, gold medal
- Winner of the international competition of ballet artists and choreographers in Moscow 2013 – 3 awards, bronze medal
- Diplomant of the international competition of ballet "Arabesk", Perm, 2012
- The owner of the Federal Scholarship "Young grants" for students 2006.

Graduated with the distinction of Moscow Choreographic School at the dance Theatre "Gzhel" in 2008. Natalia Kuzmina Class. At the end, he was adopted in the troupe of the State academic Theatre of classical ballet under the leadership of N. Kasatkina and V. Vasileva.

2008 – 2013
Leading gatkb soloist. Rehearsed under the leadership of the people's artist of the USSR Hope Pavlova.

Odette/Odilia - Swan Lake
Kitrie - Don Quixote
Aurora - Sleeping Beauty
Marie - Nutcracker
Avrelia Spartac (chorr. N. Kasatkina, V. Vasileva)
Tsarevna "Heat-Bird" (chorr. N. Kasatkina, V. Vasileva)
Swanilda - Coppelia
The Devil - Creation of the world (chorr. N. Kasatkina, V. Vasileva)
Cinderella (H. Kasatkina, V. Vasileva)
Juliet - Romeo and Juliet (chorus N. Kasatkina, V. Vasileva)

2013 - Troupe of the State Academic Bolshoi Theatre of Russia.
Rehearsed under the leadership of the people's artist of the USSR Marina.

Repertoire in the Bolshoi theatre:
Jeanne, Amur - Flame of Paris (hor. A. Ratmansky)
Undina - Undina (chorus V. smyrova)
Ophelia - Hamlet (R. bklitaru)
Purulent Moidodyr (Y. Smekalova)
Peasant PA de Giselle»
Amur - Don Quixote
Fairy Of The Rousing - Sleeping Beauty
Two pairs of "Classical Symphony" (Yu. staff)
Two pairs of komsomolts "Nureev" (chorus Yu. staff)
Spanish, Chinese doll - Nutcracker (Yu. Grigorovich)
Neapolitan Bride - Swan lake (Y. Grigorovich)
Red Couple - Forgotten Land (hor. I. Kilian)
Galya - Light Stream (hor. A. Ratmansky)

2016 – Invited Soloist Voronezh Opera and Ballet Theatre
Odette/Odilia - Swan Lake
Aurora - Sleeping Beauty
Giselle - Giselle
Lady Macbeth - Macbeth (hor. V. Vasileva)

2017 - Invited Soloist of Opera and Ballet Theatre, Glinky, Chelyabinsk.
Esmeralda - Esmeralda
Marie - Nutcracker (Y. Klevtsova)
Nikia - Bauaderka

2018 – Soloist of Hungarian National Ballet, Budapest.
Marie - Nutcracker (W. Eagle)
Giselle - Giselle
Zarema - Bahchisarai Fountain
Leading Pair - Theme with variations (j. Balanchin)
PA de Silvia (j. Balanchin)
Lora - Vertiginous Trill of Exacitude (W. Forsythe)
Diana Silvia (L. Seregi)
Laurrence - Laurrence (V. Chabukiani, M. Messererer)
Katherine Karamazov (B. Eifman))
Jeanne - Flame Of Paris (V. Vaynen, M. Messererer)