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He began his dance career in 2010 at the Bashkir State Opera and Ballet Theater. He worked at the St. Petersburg State Institution "Children's Ballet Theater" (2010 - 2011); St. Petersburg Classical Ballet Theater of Marina Medvetskaya (2011); Mikhailovsky Theater in St. Petersburg (2012 - 2013). Has experience performing both classical and contemporary repertoire

Among the roles:
• The Prince in the ballet The Nutcracker (ch. V. Vainonen, the classical ballet of M. Medveckaya)
• The Blue Bird in the ballet Sleeping Beauty (ch. M. Petipa, Children's Ballet Theater)
• Soloist in the Grand pas from the ballet Paquita (chorus. M. Petipa, classical ballet M. Medveckaya)
• Rothbart in the ballet Swan Lake (chorus L. Ivanova, M. Petipa, St. Petersburg Ballet Theater of Konstantin Tachkin)
• Prince in the ballet Princess on a pea "(chorus. I. Safonova," Children's Ballet Theater ")," Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs "(G. Mayorov, the Moscow Ballet Theater).

Eduard Akhmetshin is a participant in various projects, including the musicals The Phantom of the Opera (2014 - 2016, Moscow) and Les fantômes des l’opéra France (2016, Mogador Theater, Paris).

Eduard Akhmetshin combines dance creativity with teaching activities and filming in films and commercials. Has been working at the Ballet Moscow Theater since 2013.

Repertoire at the Moscow Ballet Theater:
• Seasons Chorus. K. Simonov, A. Ignatiev and A. Kadruleva, comp. V. Martynov
• Equus Chorus. A. Ignatiev and A. Kadruleva, comp. A. Aigi
• Labyrinth choir. K. Semenov, comp. B. Tchaikovsky
• Three poems choir. K. Radev, comp. Yu. Abdokov
• Minos Choir. H. Arkes, comp. A. Noto and R. Sakamoto
• Eros Choir. A. L. Ochoa, comp. J.T. Feldhuis
• Thumbelina choir. A. Ignatiev and A. Kadruleva, comp. P. Tchaikovsky  

Eduard Akhmetshin Intro Video