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54TH Season Shows

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August 4-6, 2023

Professor Coppelius’ daughter, Coppelia, is a mystery to everyone in their small town. She sits on the balcony all day with her books. Coppelia also never speaks to anyone which intrigues everyone in the neighborhood. The heroine, Swanilda, joins a group of girls in the town square. Here, they find the key to Coppelius’ home. After much persuasion, Swanilda agrees to break to discover the truth about the mysterious Coppelia.

As it turns out, Coppelia is a doll created by the mad scientist, Coppelius. Swanilda decides that to win the love of Franz, she would impersonate the beautiful, life-like doll. Chaos ensues, but concludes with joyful dancing–and tunes of a happy ever after.