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Dance Scenes

Hosting an event with Ballet Philippines provides a platform to showcase our performances and talented dancers. In-turn, these events then generate funds that support the progression of our
mission, vision and educational programs.

A Small Taste of DIYOSA

Special media guests previewed Ballet Philippines’ latest production, Carlo Calma’s DIYOSA, at the Theatre at Solaire

There was excitement in the air as special guests arrived at the Solaire Resort & Casino for a special sneak preview of Carlo Calma's Diyosa by Ballet Philippines. The new ballet with libretto by Carlo Calma had been kept under wraps for months, with the architect eager to give his first show an element of surprise. Calma has been working closely with Ballet Philippines’ Artistic Director Misha Martynyuk to realize his vision.

A select group of the press was invited to The Theatre at Solaire for a special luncheon. When the theater doors were finally opened, everybody was surprised to discover that lunch would literally be served on stage. Long tables for 30 guests were set up facing the 1,760 empty theater seats. It was a unique experience crafted by Solaire to celebrate this new partnership.

Members of the press dine on stage for the official launch of Carlo Calma's Diyosa