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Dance Scenes

Hosting an event with Ballet Philippines provides a platform to showcase our performances and talented dancers. In-turn, these events then generate funds that support the progression of our
mission, vision and educational programs.

An Excerpt from Equus: Waking Hour

Attendees of Ballet Philippines’ intimate press luncheon at Pinto Art Museum were treated to a breathtaking performance of 'Waking Hour' from the 53rd Season Gala’s Equus.

Last August 17, select members of the press were invited to a day of Fine Art and Dance at the Pinto Art Museum. The immersive experience which began with a tour of the 1.5-hectare art complex concluded with a jaw dropping performance of 'Waking Hour.'

The excerpt from the ballet Equus was choreographed by Ballet Philippines’ Artistic Director Mikhail Martynyuk. It was set against a 91.5 x 244 cm painting by Ferdinand Montemayor depicting horses in full motion. It paired beautifully with the ballet which drew inspiration from the horse’s work of a dancer.

Refined, powerful, and emotional, the 5-minute piece gave guests a preview of what was to come for Ballet Philippines’ 53rd Season, and its commitment to dance where no one has danced before.