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The Benefits of Bed Yoga

Anna Unson-Price
Certified Yoga Instructor & Personal Trainer

Anna Unson-Price is a personal trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and is certified in Yoga, Pilates, and Stability Ball. Through her Yoga Moves with Anna Unson-Price Facebook community, she offers free weekly classes that teach poses, flows, and breathing techniques that nourish both the body and mind during this pandemic.

Anna shares the benefits of doing yoga from bed such as that less space is required, there’s more room for stretching, pillows may be used for support, and it's convenient for those who only have a few minutes to spare as there is no need to set up a mat.

Anna encourages everyone to try Bed Yoga at least once. They might find that it’s a great alternative to practicing on the mat -- not necessarily to replace mat workouts forever because standing poses are important -- but to add to their cross-training arsenal to improve flexibility, calm the mind and lower stress levels.