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The BP Beautiful People program develops collaborations with talented individuals from outside the ballet sector. Providing a diverse range of tips and tricks that range from lifestyle, well-being and nutrition to fashion, beauty, costume design, and more. 

Ballet and Feminism: Re-visiting 1977 Film Classic “The Turning Point”

Herbert Ross’s ballet-themed melodrama The Turning Point is a critically acclaimed film rich in dancer’s wisdom and insight.

By Chino Hernandez
Forty-five years ago, Herbert Ross’s ballet-themed melodrama The Turning Point premiered in American theaters. The year was 1977 and Star Wars was all the rage. Sci-fi films and action blockbusters had taken over the cultural zeitgeist. Yet, Ross’s film about gender politics and the plight of female ballet dancers managed to strike a chord with Oscar voters. The Turning Point received a whopping 11 Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture. It would win zero, later tying with Steven Spielberg’s The Color Purple as the film with the most nods without a single victory.