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BALLET PHILIPPINES' LIMANG DAAN: 500 Years of Philippine History Told Through The Eyes Of Feminism

by Ballet Philippines

BALLET PHILIPPINES is set to end its 54th season this March 8, 2024, at the Theatre at Solaire with Limang Daan, a full-length original ballet that follows a series of cross-generational heroines who mirror one another through their experiences of pain, suffering and transcendence. Set to premiere during International Women’s Day, the serial production aims to illuminate the struggles of Filipino women in a time-bending narrative that spans roughly 500 years.

“Limang Daan is an important narrative about Filipino feminism,” shared Ballet Philippines President Kathleen Liechtenstein. “It’s about the struggles, joys and hopes of Filipinas then and now. It is about how we have transcended the unforgiving patriarchy to become the Filipinas we are today. It is a very exciting ballet that remains timely, relevant, and very relatable. It is everyone’s story.”

Choreographed by Ballet Philippines Artistic Director Mikhail “Misha” Martynyuk, the upcoming production showcases excellence in Philippine dance and artistry. It also sparks a compelling dialogue on the struggles that women have endured throughout our complex history. “You will see four fragments of time affecting different epochs of the country where the main female characters have left their mark,” says Martynyuk. “Limang Daan will present Filipino culture in a diversity of dance styles. It will also feature a complex coordination of choreography, music, light, and costume design.”

About Limang Daan
In 2022, Ballet Philippines, through the patronage of Salcedo Auctions, staged Limang Daan, a short video performance depicting 500 years of cross-cultural encounters in which Philippine art and culture was heavily influenced by Spain. This year, Ballet Philippines will close its 54th season with a full-length ballet loosely-inspired by the dance film.

The new iteration of Limang Daan follows the libretto of acclaimed filmmaker and writer, Moira Lang. Lang tells the story of multiple heroines struggling during different periods of time.

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