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Celebrating Local Culture on Opening Night

The opening night of Carlo Calma’s DIYOSA by Ballet Philippines will be filled with Filipino-inspired surprises

As the opening night of Carlo Calma’s new ballet DIYOSA approaches, Ballet Philippines prepares for a Filipino-inspired gala celebration at the foyer of the Theatre at Solaire. Set in the mythical world of Philippine gods and goddesses, this contemporary show is where dance, architecture design, electronic music, and fashion collide. At the heart of the production is a celebration of Filipino culture.

Carlo Calma, a celebrated architect, has worked closely with Ballet Philippines Artistic Director Misha Martynyuk, to create a one-of-a-kind dance spectacle that pays homage to the different aspects of Filipino daily life. The libretto doesn’t only touch upon the themes of climate change, but also makes references to local lore and mythology. During the performance, audiences might be able to spot abstract versions of iconic Filipino images, such as the Balete tree, fishing nets, and the celebratory Christmas parol.

The opening night festivities, which will be held at Ballet Philippines' new home at the Solaire Resort & Casino, will be memorable. The luxury hotel has created a bespoke menu of gastronomical delights inspired by local street food. For instance, they have elevated the popular Sisig dish by topping it with a delicate calamansi mayo and a pork crispy skin. Smoked Bangus finds new life when served together with squid ink and salmon skin. Their tuna dish will be heightened with a crispy sago cracker. Finally, coconut and lemon macarons will be served to anyone with a sweet tooth.

Ballet Philippines is also very proud to announce that two very special projects will be launched during the gala night celebration. The first is an exhibit by distinguished artist Jay Yao, who has photographed a series of images to capture the spirit of the ballet. These works of art will be unveiled for the first time on opening night. Secondly, Carlo Calma will launch his commemorative coffee table book, which chronicles his DIYOSA journey.

The opening night festivities, which will be held at Ballet Philippines’ new home at the Solaire Resort & Casino, will be memorable.