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The BP Beautiful People program develops collaborations with talented individuals from outside the ballet sector. Providing a diverse range of tips and tricks that range from lifestyle, well-being and nutrition to fashion, beauty, costume design, and more. 

Forging Ahead with Hepatitis B Awareness Advocacy

Dr. Eternity Labio, M.D. (Hepatologist)

Dr. Madalinee Eternity Labio is a well-respected Gastroenterologist who focuses on the specialized field of Hepatology, which deals with liver diseases such as viral hepatitis--hepatitis A, B and C, liver cancer, fatty liver and other autoimmune liver diseases.

With the prevalence of Covid19 this last year, it may seem as if all other health concerns have taken a backseat for now, but Dr. Labio continues to forge ahead with her advocacy of preventing liver cancer, the fourth most common type of cancer, by battling Hepatitis B (HBV) and encouraging HBV vaccination.