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The BP Beautiful People program develops collaborations with talented individuals from outside the ballet sector. Providing a diverse range of tips and tricks that range from lifestyle, well-being and nutrition to fashion, beauty, costume design, and more. 

Festive Table Setting for the Holidays

Marlene Bonin
Table Setting Enthusiast

While many are preparing their Christmas celebrations at home again this year, learning how to set a fancy and elegant table may come at just the right moment!

Here are some festive table settings that will inspire the way your table will look this year. As a bonus, a short tutorial on the right way to position plates, silverware and wine glasses as well as how to put together an attractive centerpiece should spark table-setting creativity for this season.

Marlene Bonin is a table-setting enthusiast. She is constantly challenged to set her tables in attractive ways to welcome guests and make their experience at the table not just enjoyable but truly memorable.