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The BP Beautiful People program develops collaborations with talented individuals from outside the ballet sector. Providing a diverse range of tips and tricks that range from lifestyle, well-being and nutrition to fashion, beauty, costume design, and more. 

How To Spot Fake News

Quintin Pastrana
Former TV News Anchor at ANC & Bloomberg; Founder and Managing Director at Library Renewal Partnership (LRP)

Fake news is an almost daily occurrence on social media. Even prior to the pandemic, such news was planted and shared by thousands in order to achieve a desired outcome. With the pandemic still ongoing plus the 2022 Presidential and Senatorial elections around the corner, false news production has accelerated at nearly warp speed. Unfortunately, fake news spreads fast. Not just because of those who share it with others deliberately, but simply due to ignorance or the inability to recognize the untruths as such.

Quintin Pastrana, former anchor at ANC and co-host of “On the Money” and “Shop Talk,” briefly discusses 5 simple ways to check if the news we are reading--and might also be sharing--is fake.