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Rose de Mai: An Enduring Ingredient For Skin and Scents

Known for its subtle floral fragrance, Rose de Mai has been the hero ingredient for fine fragrances and age defying skincare.

Rose de Mai

They say a rose by any other name will smell just as sweet, and this fact remains true for the beloved Rose de Mai. Also known as the Provence rose, the cabbage rose, and the rosa centifolia, the Rose de Mai is a hybrid rose developed in the Netherlands around the 16th century. It now primarily grows in Grasse, France where large perfumeries are also located.

The layers and layers of elegantly scrunched-up petals create the flower’s perfectly pink visage. Its subtle, floral essence is coveted among perfumeries and skincare establishments. With over a hundred petals in every flower, people take particular delight in its clear, honey-tinged scent and anti-aging and healing properties commercially available in the form of rose oil, perfume, and some of your favorite skincare products.

This season, relish in the sweet notes of Rose de Mai with our edit of fragrances and skincare:

Byredo Blanche

With iconic rose-scented fragrances like Rose of No Man’s Land, Young Rose, and Rose Noir, Byredo chose to use the Rose de Mai in a more subtle way with Blanche. They describe the scent as “bodies slipping beneath fresh sheets” and “laundry baskets filled to the brim” giving the subtle rose scent a fresh twist along with base notes of sandalwood and musks.