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54TH Season Shows

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March ​8-10, 2024

PRESENT DAY. Ana, a Filipina nurse in New York, contends not only with the punishing workload as a health provider. She must also learn to face the unwanted advances of a superior.

450 YEARS AGO IN THE VISAYAS. Amihan is a non-binary babaylan (Filipino shaman) who must face the consequences of refusing the salvation promised by “men of God.”

1969, CHICO RIVER, CORDILLERAS. Three Cordilleran women—Petra, Edena, and Leticia—defy guns, goons, and gold to protect the motherland from despots deigning to dictate their future.

A CONVENT IN THE LATE 19TH CENTURY. Maria Clara leaps from the pages of Jose Rizal’s Noli “Me Tangere” to embody a repressed nun who finally comes to her senses—and sensuousness. A duel with the convent’s Mother Superior looms.

1904, ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI, USA. Gawani, an Igorot woman recruited to be part of the “human zoo” of the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904, finds strength in the women who have preceded her and those that are still to follow.

This time bending-narrative weaves together the pains, struggles, and strife of Filipina women both from our past and present. Choreographed by Ballet Philippines' Artistic Director Mikhail Martynyuk with music by Erwin Romulo, LIMANG DAAN brings poignant vignettes of a woman's life through dance. Renowned designer, JC Buendia, lends his expertise in creating traditional Philippine garments to the production.