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In these challenging times of the COVID19 pandemic, we are determined to continue to bring you enriching content to keep the love of ballet alive in the Philippines. Our online shows will carry you into the artistry of Ballet Philippines into your home.

Nostalgia, Ballet, and the Music of VST & Co.

Six years ago, Ballet Philippines and the Cultural Center of the Philippines staged a concept musical featuring the tunes of iconic OPM band, VST & Co. With libretto by famed screenwriter Bibeth Orteza, Ballet Philippines shared the stage with some of the most brilliant actors in the country. Awitin Mo at Isasayaw Ko tells the story of a couple finding love during Martial Law. “Some people think of [the musical] as an anti-Marcos piece. It’s not. It’s just a love story,” shared Orteza in a chat with Ballet Philippines. “Rich girl-meets-poor-boy, [and] they fall in love. They try to stay together, but there’s just so much difference in terms of what they are accustomed to, and they separate. Only to later on realize time has not dulled their memories of what it was like to be in each other’s arms.”

The exuberant choreography by James Laforteza, Patrick John Rebullida, Carissa Adea, Paul Alexander Morales, and Gia Gequinto, done to the iconic music of VST, add depth to Orteza’s already moving libretto. Re-live Awitin Mo at Isasayaw Ko with the entire family, and dance the night away this holiday season.