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In these challenging times of the COVID19 pandemic, we are determined to continue to bring you enriching content to keep the love of ballet alive in the Philippines. Our online shows will carry you into the artistry of Ballet Philippines into your home.

Gabriel Barredo’s Opera by Ballet Philippines

A Collaboration for the Ages

Two years ago, the theatre doors shut, and its stage went dark. Armed with performance videos and a dream, Ballet Philippines launched BPOnStream with Gabriel Barredo’s Opera as the very first performance to go online. The show debuted at Art Fair Philippines back in 2016. It was an adaptation of Barredo’s acclaimed installation shown at the Silverlens Galleries in January 2015.

Brutal and macabre, the installation by itself was an intense spectacle; on stage, it was a sensual experience with a beautifully raw sensibility. The performance had a limited run at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, presented in collaboration with Silverlens Galleries and produced in conjunction with the French Embassy.

French choreographer Redha Benteifour and resident choreographer Alden Lugnasin guided the dancers on a surreal journey through Barredo’s installation. The libretto was written by Yvette Tan and Erwin Romulo with music by Malek Lopez, lighting design by John Batalla, costumes by James Reyes, and videos by Pabrika. Rounding out the production is the phenomenal cast, led by Victor Maguad and Eri Sorilla, along with Carissa Adea, Denise Parungao, Jean Marc Cordero, and Earl John Arisola.