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Our Video Creations

During these extraordinary times our passion burns bright to keep dance and the arts alive. Through these creations we wish to uplift spirits, enliven dreams, and be a source of inspiration and hope. Together we continue to keep dancing with our collaborators, supporters, and like-minded artists. 

Ancient World

Ancient World is choreographed by BP’s Guest Choreographer, John McFall.
When asked what one can expect from this season's highlight production, McFall piques our curiosity with,
“Ancient World is a memory and reflection of another time and place. An intuitive feeling of when our place of being somewhere was simpler. Our relationship to the world was in touch with the nature of the forests, rivers, and mountains, and everything that lived within them. We, as a people living as a community respectful of our ancestors’ knowledge and what they shared; generations of ourselves blending into living life with the earth.”