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Our Video Creations

During these extraordinary times our passion burns bright to keep dance and the arts alive. Through these creations we wish to uplift spirits, enliven dreams, and be a source of inspiration and hope. Together we continue to keep dancing with our collaborators, supporters, and like-minded artists. 

Joseph Phillips


By: Joseph Phillips

“The message of the performance was to show the camaraderie between all of the men; they all get along well and support each other highly,” Joseph shares.

He adds, “Amidst COVID-19 and the challenging times we currently face this performance is relevant because in the process of creating this piece, it took the performers’ minds off what’s happening to the world, and it brought them to a happier place.”

The goal of Joseph and the performers is that they hope it resonates with whoever is watching it.

According to Joseph, “The performance is to inspire other dancers and Ballet Philippines’ audience to be happy during these challenging times.”