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Our Video Creations

During these extraordinary times our passion burns bright to keep dance and the arts alive. Through these creations we wish to uplift spirits, enliven dreams, and be a source of inspiration and hope. Together we continue to keep dancing with our collaborators, supporters, and like-minded artists. 

Maynila, Ngayon

Just in time for 450th founding anniversary of the City of Manila, BP presents a 52nd Season major production--a partnership with the 5th District of Manila under the office of Cong. Cristal Bagatsing. "Maynila, Ngayon" is a dance journey that presents bits of Philippine history through featuring remarkable landmarks located in Manila.

This upbeat performance aims to educate Filipino audiences about Philippine culture, awaken patriotism and fuel nationalism by featuring popular spots and undiscovered gems in Manila while at the same time, presenting the grace and integrity of ballet.

To add to this stylish performance, BP Core Dancers are styled in an all-Filipino ensemble in collaboration with local designers curated by Rustan’s.

Watch "Maynila, Ngayon" and get a huge dose of pride in the beauty and rich history of Manila.