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Our Video Creations

During these extraordinary times our passion burns bright to keep dance and the arts alive. Through these creations we wish to uplift spirits, enliven dreams, and be a source of inspiration and hope. Together we continue to keep dancing with our collaborators, supporters, and like-minded artists. 

Through Time and Space

Choreographed by Ballet Philippines Artistic Director Mikhail Martynyuk, In Time is a compelling excerpt from the 53rd Season Gala Performance, Equus. The dance, which was shot against historic Palacio de Memoria, transports audiences through the ages.

In fine form, Ballet Philippines dances through time yet again, with a powerful performance of In Time. The excerpt from Equus was set against historic Palacio de Memoria, a pre war mansion restored to its full glory since opening as an art and antiquities destination.

The term Equus is the Latin word for “horse.” It mirrors the hard work and long hours put in by each and every performance artist. The ballet, choreographed by Ballet Philippines Artistic Director Mikhail Martynyuk and Artem Ignatiev, also showcases a dancer’s strength and stamina punctuated by grace. The excerpt lends honest insight into battle the artistry. It highlights the wonders of performance arts as it does the hard work that takes place in the studio.

The full performance of Equus will be a part of Ballet Philippines’ Gale Performance. It will be performed alongside other pieces that include Bolero and Dance Through Time. In Time, an excerpt from Equus was produced for BPOnStream in collaboration with Palacio de Memoria. It features Ballet Philippines’ core dancers Jemima Reyes, Aldrian Ocampo, Mark Balucay, Rudolph Capongcol, Carlo Padoga, Ramona Yusay, Clarise Miranda, and Olivia Bugayong. The cast is also joined by guest artists Regina Magbitang and Mikaela Samson.