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Success Stories

Our wholehearted gratitude goes to BP’s donors whose ceaseless support makes it possible for us to keep on dancing. Ballet Philippines is honored to share their stories. May they not only enkindle hope but moreover embolden others to open their hearts and keep ballet alive.

Jaime C. Laya has had a storied career. Today, he sits on the board of numerous companies and NGOs, including Philtrust Bank, where is Vice Chairman. In July of 2022, he was chosen as Chairman of the Cultural Central of the Philippines (CCP). As a long-time patron of the performing arts, Mr. Laya has stepped into the role with a clearly defined mission to promote Filipino arts and culture to a wider audience. “One’s life is well rounded and rewarding only if the arts are part of it,” he shared. “Life is more than work, eating, drinking, dressing up, and partying. A person misses out on the joys and rewards of living, without nature and the arts in all its forms—music, dance, drama, film, literature, the visual arts, architecture.” Under his direction, the CCP moves towards a brighter future.