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Operating nationwide, our growing community dance programs help to provide opportunities to be familiar with, study and develop a love and appreciation of ballet.

Ballet Brigade

A Day of Dance and Giving Back

Ballet Philippines recently kicked off a series of outreach programs designed to help bring the magic of dance to the underprivileged and marginalized.

At the very core of Ballet Philippines is the mission of bringing the magic of dance to the less privileged. Over the years, various outreach programs have been established by the company to shed light on the power of dance to uplift, empower, and create positive change. Through Share The Magic, the country’s premier dance company has brought the magic of dance to over 10,000 beneficiaries by bringing public school students and individuals from underserved communities to season productions.

Last August, Ballet Philippines welcomed hundreds of children from various schools and organizations to watch COPPELIA. Men and Women in Uniform were also invited as special guests of the company to the gala night as a means of honoring the bravery and courage of those in the military, naval, and air force. It is this unique spirit of compassion, community and advocacy that distinguishes Ballet Philippines.

More recently, Ballet Philippines has launched a new cultural outreach program called, LIMANG SAYAW PARA SA 500: A Ballet Brigade. Inspired by the country’s rich 500-year history, this initiative channels the power of dance to champion empowerment and inspire change. Its pillars are rooted on the three Es–Entertain, Educate, and Entwine. Collectively, the outreach programs under Limang Sayaw Para 500 endeavors to highlight the diverse stories of Filipinos. Stories of grace, resilience, and quiet strength.

The first of five outreach programs kicked off last October 14, 2023 weekend in Tondo. Ballet Philippines mounted a makeshift performance space and classroom at the covered courts of Barangay 105 on Maginoo Street. The program began with opening remarks from Ballet Philippines President, Kathleen Liechtenstein. She announced that children that day who display potential will be selected as scholars of the Ballet Philippines Dance School.

Liechtenstein also gave her heartfelt thanks to Brgy. Chairman Elenita Gastos-Reyes for making the event possible. Shortly after, Ballet Philippines’ company of dancers were introduced. They began to interact with the children, teaching basic ballet positions and movements, which the kids immediately took to. It was a delightful exchange that brought smiles to the both young ones and dancers alike. Some of the children even declared that they would one day want to become dancers themselves. Far from being a one-time engagement, Ballet Philippines also extended dance lessons in the future for those interested to learn.