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Ballet Philippines’ 54th Season Shows

We hope to see you at the opening of our 54th season in August
for Coppelia as we celebrate The Power of Dance!

Kathleen Liechenstein, Ballet Philippines President

For the 54th Season, Ballet Philippines presents a line up of moving performances that amplify the Power Of Dance.

August 4-6, 2023

Professor Coppelius’ daughter, Coppelia, is a mystery to everyone in their small town. She sits on the balcony all day with her books. Coppelia also never speaks to anyone which intrigues everyone in the neighborhood. The heroine, Swanilda, joins a group of girls in the town square. Here, they find the key to Coppelius’ home. After much persuasion, Swanilda agrees to break to discover the truth about the mysterious Coppelia.

As it turns out, Coppelia is a doll created by the mad scientist, Coppelius. Swanilda decides that to win the love of Franz, she would impersonate the beautiful, life-like doll. Chaos ensues, but concludes with joyful dancing–and tunes of a happy ever after.

Christmas Fairytales
DECEMBER 15-17, 2023

The fairytale begins on Christmas Eve. Midway through busy preparations, the au pair begins tucking the children to sleep. As the house quiets down and every kid dozes off, Tala asks her minder to read her a fairy tale. She is told to wait, but the little girl decides to go ahead and reach out for her book. Arms stretched to the top of the closet, a key falls off, which would open doors to another world.

Here, everything is oversized and the inanimate comes to life. In this universe, fairytales from far and wide come together. There are princesses and prince charmings from all parts of the world. Tala wakes up the following morning, to a reality that is better than any fairytale: Christmas with family.

Limang Daan
MARCH 8-10, 2024

Ballet Philippines production, through the patronage of Art and Dance, depicts 500 years of cross-cultural encounters largely formed Spanish influences. This Filipiniana ballet transports the audience back in time. It is a powerful and resonant piece that captures the rich and often tumultuous past of the Philippines, which informs our national identity today.